Training for Planning and responding to Fire Emergencies and Evacuations at workplace

Training Agenda:

The primary purpose of this training was to train staff by conducting fire drills in order to ensure that your they are ready to deal with any workplace fire promptly and safely.


The Basic Fire Fighting Training is specially designed to introduce trainees to the duties and responsibilities of a Fire Fighting Team, and obtain the necessary skill of the safety, prevention and risk assessment. This training provides awareness of the danger of fire, guidance in the use of extinguishers and how to carry out the fire routing procedure.


Upon completion of the Basic Fire Fighting Training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand different types of fire extinguisher
  • Demonstrate the use of the fire extinguisher promptly
  • Demonstrate the ability to manage small fire, safely and effectively


The Training Approach and Methodologies

Participants will gain essential knowledge and skills through:

Theory Session

  • Dynamic & highly engaging presentation
  • Attention-grabbing, video clips, multimedia presentation


MAP Office islamabad


8:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

Participants Details:

Field office Islamabad staff

Elaborating Fire Response

  1. If you see a fire break out, immediately sound the nearest alarm to alert other employees in the building and then determine your next step.
  2. If the fire is small and controllable and you are trained in the use of a fire extinguisher, you may attempt to extinguish the fire. Be sure to leave yourself a clear escape route and know how to recognize when the fire grows out of your control. Instruct a nearby employee to dial Fire Control Department if your alarm system is not equipped to automatically communicate with local emergency responders.
  3. If it’s clear the fire cannot be controlled by a fire extinguisher, evacuate immediately. Do not wait around or attempt to manage the fire on your own. Follow established evacuation procedures and assist fellow employees along the way.

    Practical Demonstrations During Training Session

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