Our Elderly Beneficiary Feels Dignified after Receiving Gift From MuslimAid

Rawalpindi City: Muhammad Ghazanfar is a right-holder of Muslim Aid’s Zakat-ul Fitar Programme. He lives in Rawalpindi city with one of his daughters. In his eighties, he is no more able to make a living due to his failing health and declining age. Therefore, he is totally dependent on her daughter and her husband.  According to Ghazanfar, the family of his daughter is also very poor. Sharing his details with Muslim Aid, the old-man narrated his story in a low-pitched trembling voice:

“I am living with my daughter after the death of my wife in 2010.  I used to work as a laborer in Pakistan’s Railway to earn bread and butter for my family. But for last many years I am unable to work due to my age and bad health conditions. My poor financial situation has confined me to stay home and live a dependent life. It feels me very bad to become a liability on my daughter as they are also having a hand to mouth life. Although they are extremely caring, but no reality is harsher than being dependent on your daughter at this age. It’s the second time, that I received food pack from Muslim Aid. It makes me feel dignified for contributing something in family resources. Thank you, Muslim Aid.

Our elderly beneficiary got his food pack, during a distribution which was the last in a series of Ramadan Food Packs Distribution in Pakistan for this year.  Muslim Aid benefitted around 16,000 individuals this year in Pakistan under its ‘Feed the Fasting and Zakat-ul-Fitar’ programmes. And this was possible for us only because of generous support, we received form our donors and partners


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