Emergency Response


Natural and man-made disasters in Pakistan have badly affected the lives and socioeconomic condition of communities. The plight of human sufferings due to flash floods ,earthquakes and terrorism have been real challenges for both, to communities  and  to the emergency relief organizations as well.

Muslim Aid  has been  responding to every emergency in Pakistan since 2005. Our rapid and need based emergency response has served and saved   millions of   people in Pakistan. During the earthquake of 2005 in  Azad Jammu Kashmir, Muslim Aid  has served 75000 individuals. Similarly  in the cyclone of 2007 in Baluchistan and Sindh ,  our emergency teams were there to help out  affected communities. One year later in 2008,  Muslim Aid served 50,000 earthquake affected communities of Balochistan. Again  In 2009 when country was facing  the IDPs, (Internally Displaced Persons ) crises conflict based areas, Muslim Aid provided food , shelter and educational  support to the internally displaced communities of   NWFP, Sawat,Malakand and FATA areas  in Sawabi and Mardan.

While in   2010 , when catastrophic floods left 20 million people homeless ,   Muslim Aid was  among those  first  organizations who  immediately  started  its  emergency  response  in all 3 flood affected provinces with the provision of  Shelter , WASH, NFIs and Healthcare facilities. In 2011 and then in 2012 , devastating flooding  again struck in Sindh and Punjab in which  following our emergency response , Muslim Aid has implemented multiple  projects  by distributing relief items,  NFI Kist , installing  water pumps, establishing medical camps with free delivery of  medicines, and rebuilding damaged health  and educational facilities of  flood affected areas. Our dedicated teams  are still working in  the  previous emergency -hit areas to empower people in the longer-term, to rebuild their lives and gradually move away from emergency care by removing their sufferings.


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