Education and Child Development:

Education is the basic fundamental right of a human child which needs to be ensured at all levels.  Unfortunately, a large number of children from developing countries across the globe are deprived of their right to education because of multiple reasons. Pakistan is also facing serious challenges related to literacy and education as more than 25 million children are not going to schools. Few main reasons for such high numbers of out of school children include: extreme poverty, lack of educational services, low priority of education in government policies, corporal punishment, Inadequate WASH services, lack of awareness and low allocation of budget for schools  in budget for  resources for educational services.

Muslim Aid’s Approach:

Muslim Aid has always strived hard to ensure right to education for children under its thematic areas.  We have invested our time resources and energies for provision of compulsory and free education to the children of marginalized and least-served communities in Pakistan. Under our Education and Child Development programmes, Muslim Aid has designed different child-support projects to provide free education and child development services aiming on the personality building  of those orphan, needy, working  and poor children, who are unable to get their right to education due to any reason including poverty or lack of resources.

Muslim Aid has provided free and compulsory education to thousands of children under its continued and completed projects for many past years. Few of our core Education and Child Development Projects are as follows:

  • From Street to School Project Rawalpindi & Islamabad
  • Muslim Aid Girls High School Pattoki
  • Muslim Aid Child Development Centres
  • Muslim Aid Girls High School Jampur
  • Muslim Aid Model Village Schools Mianwali
  • Muslim Aid Jalaozai Camp School Charsaddah


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