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Sharif Fatimah, a Courageous Widow Thanks Muslim Aid for Being Helpful

District Bagh is a highly populated but underdeveloped district of the state of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. It was among the most affected areas during the earthquake of 2005. The local population is mainly dependent upon farming for their living. However, majority of population do not work in fields of daily wages. Keeping in view the living needs of local population, Muslim Aid Pakis tan has benefited the local communities through implementing a number of projects including Child-sponsorship and Seasonal Programmes. Sharif Fatimah, a widow from a remote village of district Bagh, is one amongst those 200 families who received Ramadan Food Packs from Muslim Aid, this year. This is the first time that Sharif Bibi received any such support from a non-governmental organization.

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Every year, Muslim Aid provides food support to hundreds of families in Pakistan under its Seasonal Programmes. The occasions like Ramadan and Zabeeha, are two main festivities, when Muslim Aid enables those impoverished and under-served communities including needy, orphans, widows and elderly people to enjoy the spirit of Ramadan and Zabeeha without being discriminated or left behind due their financial or social circumstances

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Our Elderly Beneficiary Feels Dignified after Receiving Gift From MuslimAid

Muhammad Ghazanfar is a right-holder of Muslim Aid’s Zakat-ul Fitar Programme. He lives in Rawalpindi city with one of his daughters. In his eighties, he is no more able to make a living due to his failing health and declining age. Therefore, he is totally dependent on her daughter and her husband. According to Ghazanfar, the family of his daughter is also very poor. Sharing his details with Muslim Aid, the old-man narrated his story in a low-pitched trembling voice.

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